Do top universities accept BTEC?

Can you get into top universities with Btecs?

The standard 18-unit extended BTEC level 3 diploma is equivalent to three A-Levels, so plenty of unis will be happy to accept you with this qualification. If you’re doing a 12-unit BTEC, most higher education courses will want you to have an A-Level or AS Level too.

Do universities care about Btecs?

It is said that universities appreciate students with a BTEC because they have more practical skills compared to A-Level students. Plus, studying BTEC hones students’ academic skills like research and independent study, which are absolutely essential for university.

Do universities look down on BTEC?

No, they mostly don’t. Talk to schools and teachers and they will say their experience is that different students take the different routes. If they were identical, you wouldn’t need them both.”

Can you get into Oxford University with BTEC?

The University of Oxford will accept Btecs alongside A-levels, depending on the course. … Candidates are therefore advised to include in their Ucas personal statement information on how their qualification has prepared them for the course they are applying to,” the website further explains.

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Are BTECs just as good as A levels?

They’re less academic than A-levels, providing a more practical and hands-on way of learning, and you can choose from over 2,000 Btecs across 16 sectors. Btecs are an increasingly popular alternative to A-levels, although you can also take Btecs at all sorts of levels, including the equivalent to GCSEs and degrees.

Is BTEC harder than as levels?

BTEC teaches and tests different skills but academically it is significantly easier than A level, both in terms of breadth and depth of content. I’ve prepared candidates for both. This is why A level, rather than BTEC, is the standard qualification which allows entry to University.

Do Unis accept 2 A-levels and a BTEC?

Will universities accept students who have taken Btecs and A-levels? Yes. Most universities and colleges in the UK – including the vast majority of those in the Russell Group – accept Btec students, especially if they have also taken a relevant A-level.

How many UCAS points does a BTEC Level 3 give you?

The type of award, and the grades for each unit, with dictate how many UCAS points a BTEC is worth, with a Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma Pass worth 40 UCAS points (equivalent to an A level grade E), and a Level 3 Extended Diploma with triple Distinction* being typically worth 420 points (equivalent to three grade ‘A*’ A …

Are BTECs bad?

BTECs are nearly impossible to fail, the only way to possibly not pass a BTEC is if you just didn’t do anything at all for two years. They’re awful, you can get through a BTEC literally just copy and pasting from the internet and leave with an “A” in that subject.

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Does Queen Mary accept BTEC?

Queen Mary University of London welcomes applications from students currently studying Level 3 BTEC qualifications and will consider you for entry to the majority of our undergraduate courses. The typical entry requirements will vary according to the course you are applying for.

Do Cambridge accept BTEC?

We accept one BTEC National Extended Certificate, Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate, Level 3 Extended Certificate, or WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma in combination with two A Levels, for entry to our degrees. We do not accept BTEC International qualifications for entry to any of our degrees.