You asked: Who won the 1997 NCAA basketball championship?

What seed was Arizona 1997?

The 1997 National Title Game was played between the 1997 West Regional Champions, #1-seeded Kentucky and the 1997 Southeast Regional Champions, #4-seeded Arizona.

Who won the 1999 NCAA basketball championship?

Who was in the 1998 Final Four?

The Wildcats and Utes were joined by North Carolina and Stanford at the Final Four in San Antonio. Tournament highlights include Kentucky rallying from double-digit deficits in its final three tournament games and No.

1998 NCAA tournament: Upsets.

Team Score Opponent
No. 10 West Virginia 75-74 No. 2 Cincinnati

Who lost to Kentucky in the first round of the 1998 tournament?

Allen Edwards added 15 points, Wayne Turner had 12 points and Heshimu Evans had 10 points. Four days later Kentucky traveled to island of Maui to compete in the annual Maui Invitational Tournament, Kentucky defeated George Washington 70 to 55 in the first round of the tournament.

Who won the 1993 NCAA basketball championship?

When was the last time Arizona was in the Final Four?

The Wildcats have reached the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament on four occasions (1988, 1994, 1997, and 2001).

Are the Phoenix Suns still a team?

Phoenix Suns, American professional basketball team based in Phoenix. Established in 1968, the Suns play in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and have won three Western Conference titles (1976, 1993, and 2021).

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