You asked: Who went undefeated in college football?

How many college football teams have gone undefeated and won the national championship?

How many teams have been undefeated national champions? A total of seven teams have gone undefeated and won the national championship. (Another team, the 1972-73 N.C State Wolfpack, went undefeated but did not compete for the national title).

What college teams are still undefeated?

College Football rankings: Ordering the 10 remaining undefeated teams, from Georgia to UTSA

  • Georgia (7-0) Best win: Georgia 37, Arkansas 0. …
  • Oklahoma (7-0) Best win: Oklahoma 55, Texas 48. …
  • Cincinnati (6-0) (Getty Images) …
  • Michigan (6-0) …
  • Michigan State (7-0) …
  • Oklahoma State (6-0) …
  • Wake Forest (6-0) …
  • SMU (6-0)

How many NCAA football teams are still undefeated?

Only seven undefeated college football teams are left at the FBS level.

Who has the most undefeated seasons in college football?

The record for most wins in an undefeated FBS season is 15–0 accomplished in 2018 by Clemson and in 2019 by LSU. Following that the record is 14–0, accomplished in 2002 by Ohio State, twice in 2009 by Boise State and Alabama, in 2010 by Auburn, and in 2013 by Florida State.

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Who are the top 4 in college football?

Then there’s Alabama, which, at 7-1, would be the only top-four team with a loss.

CFP top 25 rankings from the first CFP poll of 2021.

Rank Team Record
1 Georgia 8-0
2 Alabama 7-1
3 Michigan State 8-0
4 Oregon 7-1

Who was the first college football team to go undefeated?

These teams finished the season having won every game in which they played, thus completing a “perfect season”.

1900 to present.

Year 1900
Team Central Michigan
Wins 1

Has any team gone undefeated in the NCAA?

The Indiana Hoosiers were a fearsome team in the 1975-76 season. They remained undefeated at 32-0 and managed to win the national championship title, unlike in their previous season. They were the last team to go unbeaten through the entire season.