Question: What looks good on a university application?

What looks best on a university application?

8 Genius Ways to Make Your University Application Stand Out

  • Research your course. …
  • Read challenging books about your chosen subject. …
  • Volunteer. …
  • Get course related work experience. …
  • Get an award. …
  • Learn another language. …
  • Improve your grades. …
  • Believe in yourself.

How do I make my uni application stand out?

To effectively stand out in university applications, you have to put yourself out there. Attend your university’s information session, go on a campus tour, contact the recruitment officer, talk to current university students about their experience, visit a lecture and get informed!

What should I include in my university application?

Tell the reader why you’re applying – include your ambitions, as well as what interests you about the subject, the course provider, and higher education. Think about what makes you suitable – this could be relevant experience, skills, or achievements you’ve gained from education, work, or other activities.

How can I impress my university admissions?

You can impress the interviewer by:

  1. Listening carefully: Think about why a question is being asked and what the interviewer wants to know.
  2. Being confident: If you do not understand something, don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to explain the question or speak more slowly.

What qualities are universities looking for?

Evidence of ability to think/work independently – 90% Confidence with basic maths – 80% Ability to persevere and complete tasks – 79% Good presentation skills – 72%

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What hobbies do colleges look for?

What are good hobbies to put on a college application?

  • Endurance Sports. Engaging in an endurance sport such as cycling shows that you’re dedicated, focused, and capable of working alone.
  • Team Sports.
  • Art.
  • Volunteer Work.
  • Travel.
  • Blogging / Video Production.
  • Foreign Languages.
  • Gaming.