Is Bunker Hill Community College a good school?

Is Bunker Hill a good community college?

Bunker Hill is by far the best community college in the greater Boston area! It has more course selections and facilities than all other community colleges in the city. The student body is very diverse, especially in age and lifestyle.

What is Bunker Hill Community College known for?

BHCC is proud to be the most affordable community college in Massachusetts. We offer more than 100 academic programs, including associate degree programs, certificate programs and programs designed to allow students to complete their first two years of a bachelor’s degree before transferring to a four-year university.

Is Bunker Hill Community College accredited?

Founded in 1973, BHCC is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. This public higher education institution offers more than 100 programs leading to Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees and Certificate programs.

Can you live at Bunker Hill Community College?

There is no on-campus housing at Bunker Hill Community College, but our students take advantage of a variety of housing options. Most students find apartments off campus, either by themselves or with roommates.

Is it worth it to go to community college out of state?

While attending a community college out-of-state is going to cost more than the community college in your state, it may still be less expensive than other options, and if you plan to transfer within that same state, it might be a good choice for you.

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Do community colleges have dorms?

About 28 percent of all community colleges offer on-campus housing, even though only one percent of community college students live on campus. Public two-year colleges with residential housing are spread across most of the United States, but the number of dorms in each state and dorm capacity varies.

Does Bunker Hill have a LPN program?

The school was established back in 1973, and it serves more than 13,000 students. … The BHCC nursing program has been popular among students in the area for a very long time. Students can pursue the practical nursing program or the registered nursing program.