What percentage of UK university students have part time jobs?

What percentage of students have part-time jobs?

In 2018, the percentage of undergraduate students who were employed was higher among part-time students (81 percent) than among full-time students (43 percent).

How many students work part-time in the UK?


Period Value
2017 1095
2018 1109
2019 1092
2020 1027

What percentage of university students work UK?

21% of UK university students work two jobs while studying. More than 1 in 5 students in the UK work two jobs in addition to attending university, new research by Student Beans has revealed.

Should UNI students have part-time jobs?

Here’s five reasons every student should have a part time job: It provides social opportunities. … Particularly if you’re living off campus or travel to university and don’t have the same social network as on campus students. You’re earning money.

What percent of teens have a part-time job?

Today, just over one-third, or 35%, of teens between the ages of 16 and 19 are part of the workforce. Teens are less likely to work part-time while in school and also less likely to work over the summer, according to a study by the Hamilton Project and Brookings Institution.

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How many students work in UK?

You’re allowed to work up to 50% of the total length of your studies. You’re a Tier 4 (Child) aged 16 or above. You’re allowed to work up to 50% of the total length of your studies. Work placement is an integral part of the study course and there’s a UK statutory requirement that allows you to exceed this limit.

What percentage of the UK works part-time?

75% of working age people (16 to 64 year olds) who were employed in 2019 worked full time, and 25% worked part time. people in the White Other (82%) and Indian (81%) ethnic groups were the most likely out of all ethnic groups to work full time.

How many people work part-time in the UK?

There were over 7.8 million part-time workers in the United Kingdom in the three months to July 2021, around 425 thousand fewer workers than there were in the same period of 2020.

What percentage of UK workers are part-time?

One in four people in employment was engaged in part-time work. In the three months to November 2018, the number of people in part-time employment constituted 26.2% of all people in employment. The UK statistics are close to the average of countries in the EU28.

How many graduates work in their field of study UK?

There were 34 million graduates in the United Kingdom in 2017. Graduate unemployment in the UK is 3%. The median salary for graduates in England in 2018 was £34,000. All courses allied to medicine have an employment rate of 99.3%.

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What percentage of the UK is in full time education?

In 2017, 45.7 percent of British aged 25 to 64 attained some form of post-secondary education. 22.6% of British people aged 25 to 64 attained a bachelor’s degree or higher. 52% of British people aged 25 to 34 attained some form of tertiary education, about 4% above the OECD average of 44%.