Is University of Auckland good for psychology?

Is psychology a good career in New Zealand?

Opportunities for psychologists are good due to: increasing demand for psychologists in New Zealand and globally, partly due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. the limited number of people who are accepted into, or graduate from, psychology courses each year.

Where can I study psychology in Auckland?

The following New Zealand academic institutions offer psychology programmes.

  • University of Auckland.
  • Auckland University of Technology.
  • University of Canterbury.
  • Massey University.
  • Victoria University of Wellington.
  • University of Waikato.
  • University of Otago.
  • The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand.

What can I do with a psychology degree in NZ?


  • Policy Analyst (Ministry of Health, NZ)
  • Health Manager (Otago Health)
  • Director (Dunedin Multidisciplinary Study, NZ)
  • Research Coordinator (Dunedin Multidisciplinary Study, NZ)
  • Research Officer (Auckland Hospital, NZ)
  • Researcher (Injury Prevention Unit, NZ)
  • Chief Executive of Alcohol Liquor Advisory Council (NZ)

What subjects do you need for psychology in NZ?

Useful subjects include English, maths, science, health education and social studies.

Is educational psychology in demand in New Zealand?

Employment and skill shortages

In 2017, there were 2757 psychologists with annual practising certificates. Demand for psychologists is greater than the current supply, particularly in clinical and educational psychology. These two specialisations appear on Immigration New Zealand’s long-term skill shortage list.

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How much do psychologists earn in NZ?

Trainee psychologists usually earn $56,000 to $59,000 a year. Qualified psychologists usually earn $72,000 to $103,000. Senior psychologists, who may also supervise staff, can earn $106,000 to $125,000.

What is the highest paying job in NZ?

The highest-paying job in New Zealand is that of CEO or Managing Director. They earn, on the low end, around NZ$120,000 per year and, on average, around NZ$560,000 per year.

What Is the #1 Highest-Paid Position in New Zealand?

Position Average Annual Salary
CEO NZ$560,000
Judge NZ$413,000
Radiation Oncologist NZ$387,500

Is University of Auckland good for psychology?

Psychology is a versatile subject that can take you into many different career paths. … Furthermore, staff recruitment, human resources, personnel training and evaluation are areas in which a lot of psychology graduates are employed. Research careers can be developed in neural function and cognitive science.

How much is a psychology degree NZ?

Study options

Diploma New Zealand Diploma in Psychology (Level 5) NZ3515 Fees Costs vary
Bachelor’s Degree Bachelor of Applied Science OP701001 Fees $13,550
Bachelor of Applied Science (Communication and Psychology) OP701029 Fees $15,055
Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) OP701026 Fees $13,550