You asked: Why have you specifically chosen London Metropolitan University to study this course?

Why have you chosen to study in London particular?

There are so many reasons why students love studying in London, from the strong network of university facilities, the broad career opportunities, the thriving social life and the melting pot of cultures. … These students are certainly trying to get the most out of it.

What is London Metropolitan University known for?

About London Metropolitan University

LMU has invested heavily in its facilities, and now owns several state-of-the-art research centres. The university’s “superlab” has more than 280 workstations, with additional specialist laboratories for fields including sport science, phlebotomy and virology.

Why do you want to study in London?

Studying in London will give you the opportunity to meet a wide range of professionals, both on your course and in your chosen field. This will obviously require work on your side, but meeting the right contacts could boost your future career prospects.

Why have you chosen to study in the UK answer?

High standards. Our final reason for why you should study in the UK is that universities in the UK are inspected regularly by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). This ensures they maintain excellent standards in learning, research and teaching.

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Why London is best for international students?

1. Students in London have access to a world-class education. … There are over 30,000 courses on offer in the capital, and SOAS ranks 17 in the world for International Faculty and International Students. London has also produced over 70 Nobel Prize Laureates – studying here means following in some impressive footsteps.

Why do you want to study in the UK answer?

High rate of employability

UK education is recognised by employers, universities and governments worldwide. Academic standards are of high prestige and the education will provide you with a solid foundation to boost your potential for having a higher salary and finding exactly what job you want.

What is the rank of University of London?


World University Rank 2022 London Rank 2022 University
12 1 Imperial College London
=18 2 UCL
27 3 London School of Economics and Political Science
=35 4 King’s College London

How do you write a good personal statement for university?

Here’s a guideline of what you should include:

  1. Reasons for wanting to study. First things first, you need to explain why you’re interested in the course. …
  2. Why you’re suitable. …
  3. How your current study is relevant. …
  4. Your related hobbies and interests. …
  5. Your skills and achievements. …
  6. Your work experience.

How Recognised is the Metropolitan School of Business and Management in the UK?

MSBM is currently accredited in the UK to run Level 4, 5, 6 and 7 leading to both Bachelors and Masters Degree Programme from top UK Universities. …