Why is my student beans code not working?

Why isn’t my student beans code not working?

Please check that the code is applicable to your purchase – some retailers exclude certain products (such as those already on sale). If it looks like it should be valid but still isn’t working, please get in touch and we’ll look into it for you.

Do student beans codes expire?

Once you’ve created an account with us your student status will automatically last for one year. … When this year is nearly up as long as you’re still a student, you will be able to easily reverify and continue to access all of our great offers.

Why is my student code not working on JD?

It may be the item is excluded from the discount, this is usually noted on the product page either to the right or below the image. If the item states ‘Student discount is unavailable on this item’ this means that the item is excluded. Items that are not delivered by JD directly are also excluded from the discount.

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Is student beans and UNiDAYS the same?

Student Beans – Similar to UNiDAYS, sign-up to the Student Beans website for free to gain access to a wide range of discounts. It is worth signing-up to both as they each have slightly different discounts on offer and happily, they’re both completely free.

How long does it take to confirm student status Student Beans?

Manual verification can take up to 3 days to confirm as our support team needs to review each application, so please be patient with us. If you haven’t heard back from us within that timeframe please reach out to us on help@studentbeans.com.

How do I re verify my student beans?

If this doesn’t work, you can manually verify by following the instructions here. If you’re still having problems, drop us an email at help@studentbeans.com with your student email address and we’ll look into it for you.

Why is my Adidas student discount not working?

Some common mistakes are: Check spacing, character errors and/or spelling mistakes. The voucher code field is case-sensitive. Check that ‘Caps Lock’ button is not on and use upper case where necessary.

Can you use a UNiDAYS code more than once?

Hi Timothy, you can use you UNiDAYS codes as much as you like in most cases.

How do you qualify for student beans?

Anyone over the age of 16 and in full-time education including university, college, sixth form, and high school can use Student Beans.

Does Unidays work for college students?

To be eligible for Unidays you need to be a sixth form, college or university student and have a valid school or university email address (for example, ends with ac.uk). You must also be over 16 years old. … Unidays will give you both options.

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Why is my JD voucher not working?

First, make sure the JD Sports Gift Card Number and PIN on the back of the gift card are entered correctly. If you are still unable to apply the gift card, there may not be any funds left on the gift card to use. You can check the balance of your JD Sports Gift Card by visiting our Gift Card page at JDSports.com.

Does Unidays work on sale items?

Do you have any sale items in your basket? Usually the discount will only apply to full price items, and some items may be excluded altogether.