Why govt colleges are better than private?

Are government colleges better than private?

If you are said it normally which one is better then always suggest you government college is better. Because government college fees is much lesser than any private college. Government college have government degree which can help you for many job sector. … But always prefer government college in 1st.

Why do people prefer government college over private?

Many students prefer Government colleges because of low fees, and a degree guaranteed by the government. … As private colleges do not have the financial support of the government like government colleges, they have to charge much higher fees from the students.

Which is best govt college or private college?


Rank Name of the college Govt/Pvt
1. Indian Institute of Technology Govt Eng College
5. Thapar University Pvt Eng College
4. Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra Pvt Eng College
3. S.R.M. Engineering College Pvt Eng College

Why do students prefer government college?

A lot of students prefer government colleges because of low fees, and a degree guaranteed by the government. … The administration in government colleges seldom improve infrastructure, student access to resources, pedagogy, offer support to students for placement purposes and so on.

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Why private colleges are so expensive?

Private universities are self-financed colleges and independent of grants of government. … As private universities provide max all the top facilities to the students thus increasing the college or university expenses resulting in an increase of tuition fees.

Why private colleges are better?

Class Size

Private colleges tend to have much smaller class sizes, which creates a more intimate learning environment between students and instructors. If you prefer smaller classes and more direct access to professors, you may want to prioritize private schools in your college search.

What are the disadvantages of a private university?

Limited Offerings

Fewer majors and course offerings is a disadvantage of private universities. Students have limited choices for their course of study, and may have none at all if they have plans for graduate school. Many private universities offer baccalaureate programs in a few majors.

What are the disadvantages of government schools?

government schools are not clean properly due that students are facing health problems. teachers are not teaching properly to students. students are not maintain discipline in school premises.

What is the disadvantages of free education?

Disadvantages of free education in South Africa. … The fact that there is no paying to get schooled, a lot of the public institutions offering this education are often flooded as kids rush to get the basics. This may interfere with the optimal delivery of teachers.