Which is better college ruled or wide ruled?

Why is college ruled better than wide ruled?

By and large, wide ruled paper is the preferred choice of elementary school teachers. … “College ruled” paper is so named because it’s what older students generally use. As children grow up, they’re able to write smaller letters, numbers, and symbols.

Is college ruled better?

College rule paper is ideal for those who have small handwriting in the first place. Tiny letters look better on smaller lines, as well as being easier to read on smaller lines. It is also a better choice for students who enjoy writing assignments and those who tend to get wordy in their compositions*.

Is college ruled and wide ruled paper the same?

– College ruled paper has 9⁄32 inch (7.1 mm) spacing between horizontal line. – Wide ruled paper has 11⁄32 inch (8.7 mm) spacing between horizontal lines. Hope that helps. Helpful?

Is wide ruled and legal ruled the same?

Remember, all legal pads have a vertical line drawn 1-1/4” from top to bottom on the left side of the paper to create a margin: Wide ruled. Also known as Legal Ruled. Medium ruled.

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How many lines is a wide ruled notebook?

The 800 is a standard ruled legal size sheet with 34 lines per sheet. The 800-1/2 is a college ruled legal size sheet with 52 lines per sheet.

What is the difference between narrow ruled and college ruled?

Both college, or medium, and narrow ruled paper have a smaller space between lines. College rule paper has a 9/32″ space, which allows for more lines on a page, and is often preferred by users with smaller handwriting. Similarly, narrow rule paper has a 1/4″ space between lines.

Does high school use wide or college ruled paper?

Middle school, high school, and college students use medium or “college” ruled paper, with 9/32 inch spacing between lines. … Though, teenagers and college students would much prefer wide ruled paper for writing essays and book reports. A far more less common type of paper is called narrow paper.

When was college ruled paper made?

In 1770, Englishman John Tetlow was given the first patent for lined paper ruling machine. However, Ottaviano Petrucci’s music printing process involved printing staff lines first. Finally in the early 1800s, people started using the blue lined paper we see today, with loose leaf invented in 1914.

What is French ruled paper?

French ruled (Seyes) paper is great for handwriting practice in learning cursive. It is characterized by 3 faint lines between heavy ruled lines with vertical lines every 8 mm. It’s the standard lined paper used by students in France.