Where do most students live at Clemson University?

Where do Clemson freshmen live?

In order to live off campus as a first-year student, your primary residence needs to be in Oconee, Pickens or Anderson Counties. If you meet this requirement, please fill out the Appeals form to secure a waiver. Also, they will require additional documentation.

Do Clemson students live on campus?

Undergraduate students are required to live on-campus their freshman year. There are several on-campus housing options available to students. These options can be found by visiting the housing website.

Where is the main campus of Clemson University?

Clemson University

Former names Clemson Agricultural College of South Carolina (1889–1964)
Undergraduates 20,195 (Fall 2019)
Postgraduates 5,627 (Fall 2019)
Location Clemson , South Carolina , United States 34°40′42″N 82°50′21″WCoordinates: 34°40′42″N 82°50′21″W
Campus Suburban 1,400 acres

Where are Clemson students?

37.56% of Clemson students come from out of state, and 0.46% come from out of the country.

Top 5 States.

State Amount
South Carolina 2,282
North Carolina 224
Georgia 160
New Jersey 119

Which Clemson dorm is the best?

Top 7 Dorms at Clemson

  • Bryan Mall. Address: Bryan Circle If you are a freshman, there’s a good chance that you will stay at Bryan Mall. …
  • Core A. Address: Clemson University Foundation Core A is a large building on campus. …
  • Core C. …
  • Holmes Hall. …
  • McCabe Hall. …
  • Stadium Suites. …
  • Shoeboxes.
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Can you have a car on campus as a freshman at Clemson?

Can first year students bring a car to campus? Yes. First year students who park a car on campus must obtain a parking permit from Parking & Transportation Services and park in designated areas for the permit that is issued.

Is Greek life big at Clemson?

Clemson is the ideal textbook college experience–a big southern football school full of pride and spirit. … 25% of Clemson’s students are a part of Greek life in one way or the other.

How much does it cost to live on campus at Clemson?

Students at Clemson spend $17,322 to live on campus, while the average student nationwide pays just $14,951.

Do sophomores live on campus at Clemson?

All unmarried, first-year and Bridge students who are under the age of 21 at the time of enrollment who do not live with parent(s) or legal guardian(s) [within Anderson, Oconee and Pickens counties] are required to live in University-owned housing for the fall and spring semesters.

Is Clemson a party school?

Clemson parties are second to no other school. … From DJs to live bands, Clemson fraternity parties know how to do it right. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone in a fraternity – house parties are just as much fun. Walk through Chimney Ridge on any Friday night and you’ll see at least 15 parties.

Is Clemson a black college?

The enrolled student population at Clemson University is 76.1% White, 6.06% Black or African American, 5.05% Hispanic or Latino, 3.44% Two or More Races, 2.4% Asian, 0.205% American Indian or Alaska Native, and 0.0542% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders.

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How many students live on campus at Clemson?

Clemson University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 20,868 (fall 2020), with a gender distribution of 51% male students and 49% female students. At this school, 33% of the students live in college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing and 59% of students live off campus.