What majors is Fairfield University known for?

What kind of students go to Fairfield University?

Fairfield has a very homogenous student population. The majority of the students are white, wealthy, and from new england. That being said, there is an increasing amount of diversity, and the administration makes it a point to increase awareness of other cultures and types of people.

Is Fairfield University a party school?

Fairfield University is not a party school since it focuses more on academics. However, there are several social events that provides students to interact.

Is Fairfield good for engineering?

The bachelor’s program at Fairfield U was ranked #132 on College Factual’s Best Schools for engineering list. It is also ranked #4 in Connecticut.

What is Fairfield known for?

Did you know Fairfield is home to the world-famous Jelly Belly Candy Company? Voted as one of the Top 10 Factory Tours in the US, our iconic attraction offers a behind-the-scenes look at how Jelly Belly creates its famous bean and over 50 other fine confections.

Is Fairfield a dry campus?

It’s no secret that Fairfield University isn’t a dry campus. Weekend beach parties, SantaCon, Sham Jam and Clam Jam are all events that specifically have alcohol as one of their most important components. For most students over 21, alcohol is a key element to their relaxation.

Is there Greek life at Fairfield University?

Fairfield’s active club, program, and sports communities take the place of Greek life on campus. For me, the absence of fraternities and sororities seemed to facilitate making friends across diverse groups of people.

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Does Fairfield have an education major?

Program Overview

We offer the Fifth Year Accelerated Teacher Preparation Program in Secondary Education (science, math, English, social studies, and world languages), Elementary Education, or Special Education. Our programs are organized around reflective inquiry and socially responsible professional practice.