What is Washington State University known for?

What is special about Washington State University?

One of America’s top research universities

WSU is one of just 115 U.S. colleges and universities—out of 4,300+ public and private institutions—named among doctoral universities with the “highest research activity” in the Carnegie Classification (2018).

Is Washington State University a good university?

Washington State is a highly rated public university located in Pullman, Washington. It is a large institution with an enrollment of 23,092 undergraduate students. Admissions is somewhat competitive as the Washington State acceptance rate is 76%.

What type of people go to WSU?

People that are outgoing and want to have a good time, but can maintain a balance between fun and academics. A person that can regularly attend class, and can meet people to form study groups. Any person who has a positive attitude and has the opportunity should attend WSU.

Which is better UW or WSU?

UW has higher submitted ACT score (30) than Washington State (23). UW has more students with 47,400 students while Washington State has 31,478 students. UW has more full-time faculties with 4,279 faculties while Washington State has 1,353 full-time faculties.

Is Washington State University a dry campus?

WSU has been a dry campus since 1997, but that has not changed its reputation of being a party school. A February 1998 column in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News covered the implementation of WSU’s dry campus policy and analyzed the results: “The purpose of having a dry campus is to protect students…

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What do students do for fun at Washington State University?

Football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc., are all entertainment options. Also, there are numerous intramural sporting opportunities for students who want to participate on varying levels of competition. The recreation center allows for biking, indoor soccer, indoor track running, basketball, swimming and more.

What is WSU alive?

Alive Orientation at Washington State University is a mandatory program required for all new students. Fall Alive, August 15-17 will provide students with the critical information needed to begin their academic journey at WSU. There are three required pieces of programming outlined below.