What is Citrus College known for?

Is Citrus College a good school?

Citrus College was ranked as the fourth best community college in California and the second best in Los Angeles County. The college’s impressive transfer, graduation and student retention rates were cited as factors that contributed to the notable ranking.

What GPA is required for citrus?

Have a minimum 3.25 (non-weighted) or 3.5 (weighted) cumulative GPA from high school. One letter of recommendation from an instructor, counselor or high school contact. Submit unofficial high school transcripts.

What classes does Citrus College offer?


  • Career, Technical and Continuing Education.
  • Counseling.
  • Kinesiology and Athletics.
  • Language Arts and Library.
  • Mathematics and Business.
  • Natural, Physical and Health Sciences.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  • Visual and Performing Arts.

Who founded Citrus College?

With a class of 27 students, Citrus College was founded in 1915 under the leadership of Dr. Floyd S. Hayden, who helped bring the community college movement to California.

What is a passing grade at Citrus College?

Evaluative Grades

Symbol Definition Grade Point
D Less than satisfactory 1
F Failing
FW Failing/Withdrawal
P Passing

How do I drop out of Citrus College?

To drop a class you will need to log on to your Wingspan account. There you will move through the program until you get to add/drop classes. Make sure you check your personal schedule to see that the class was dropped correctly. You can personally drop classes until the drop date and then you will receive a grade.

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How do I get my transcripts from Citrus College?

For the quickest and most convenient way to request official transcripts, Citrus College has partnered with Credentials, Inc. to accept transcript requests online through a secure website. You may request transcripts 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, for a minimal service charge.

Does Citrus College have a football team?

Citrus College Football – Citrus College Athletics.

Is SMC campus open?

The college’s main campus at 1900 Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica and its five satellite campuses remain closed to the general public. Under LA County’s reopening protocols for higher education, campus activities are limited to essential functions strictly related to college activities.