What did Rosalind Franklin study in college?

Did Rosalind Franklin get a PhD?

Her work at BCURA yielded a doctoral thesis–she received her PhD from Cambridge in 1945–and five scientific papers. After the war, Franklin began searching for different work.

Did Rosalind Franklin get a Nobel Prize?

In her short lifetime of only 37 years, Rosalind Franklin produced research that led to a Nobel Prize, yet she was not one of the awardees.

How was Rosalind Franklin characterized in the double helix?

Which of those three wrote the book “The Double Helix”? James Watson. How did he characterize Rosalind Franklin in his book? Watson described Franklin as uncooperative, unattractive, and incompetent in her field.

Why did Rosalind Franklin not get credit?

Franklin, whose lab produced the photograph that helped unravel the mystery of DNA, received no credit for her role until after her death. At the time of her death, she was working on the molecular structure of viruses with her colleague Aaron Klug, who received a Nobel Prize for the work in 1982.

Where is Rosalind Franklin from?

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