Quick Answer: What college has won the most cheerleading championships?

Who won the NCAA cheerleading competition?

Orlando, FL – UPIKE Cheerleading were crowned 2021 UCA National Champions Wednesday afternoon. The Bears claimed the program’s first ever title in the All Girl Open event, defeating three other schools after a near perfectly executed routine.

How many championships does Kentucky have in cheerleading?

Kentucky has won 24 UCA national titles, more than all other schools combined.

Who Won 2021 Daytona cheer competition?

Final Results

Oklahoma State University – 94.3667.

Did UK cheer win 2021?

On Wednesday night, the Wildcats Cheerleading squad came up short of taking home the program’s 25th national championship, earning a bronze medal at the 2021 Divison I Universal Cheerleaders Association finals competition in Orlando, FL.

What is the difference between UCA and NCA Cheer?

UCA programs are focused more on stunts and pyramids. They usually have less choreography, and the routines are very centered around each skill. In NCA, cheerleaders focus on stunts and pyramids. However, there is also a very heavy emphasis on tumbling, jumps, and choreography.

Did Dunbar cheer win nationals?

Paul Laurence Dunbar School [2020 Large Varsity Division I Finals] 2020 UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship. Executing Perfection: Live Oak Wins National Title! Oak Grove Left It All On The Mat!

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