Question: Who was the guest picker on College GameDay last week?

Who is the celebrity picker on College GameDay today?

UCLA football coach Chip Kelly explains why he would like to see Bill Walton represent the Bruins for the celebrity guest picker segment on ESPN’s “College GameDay” with Lee Corso and the broadcast crew.

Who is the new guy on ESPN GameDay?

As of 2018, the entire show is simulcast on both ESPN and ESPNU. As previously mentioned, beginning with the 29th season (2015), Rece Davis (who is also the host of the college basketball version) replaced Chris Fowler as the football version’s new host.

What disease does Lee Corso have?

In the years since the stroke, Corso has had moments where he got tongue-tied or had trouble remembering or pronouncing a name.

Why does Corso hold a pencil?

Athens, GA (Sept 26, 2008) – In a meeting with reporters this afternoon, one intrepid journalist asked Lee Corso what the deal is with the pencil he is always holding on the ESPN College GameDay show. The answer was simple and humorous. … Lee Corso holds a Number 2 Dixon-Ticonderoga Pencil as he educates reporters.

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