Question: Is a degree from a community college bad?

Is a community college degree worth anything?

Plus, students interested in some fields can expect to earn more than $50,000 with an associate degree, and community colleges afford job training and certificates that can be valuable. … Attending a community college can be a good way for students to ease into the world of higher education and learn at their own pace.

Is bachelors degree from community college good?

The study also showed that UBD holders registered faster earnings growth between two and five years after graduation and were more likely to enroll in graduate studies than their counterparts from colleges. Offering a bachelor’s degree option in colleges is interesting from a postsecondary education access perspective.

Is community college as good as a university?

Community colleges today have quality academic programs that prepare you for career certificates or for a future transfer to a four-year university. Even if you want to get a four-year degree, starting at a community college can save money and give you a boost on your academic career.

Can you be successful if you go to community college?

Although it can be tough to navigate the community college system and transfer successfully, the good news is that students who do persevere do just as well as students who start at four-year schools. You can get a great education at a community college, but to succeed, you need to be your own advocate.

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What’s so bad about community college?

Many community college students simply do not realize what their schools have to offer in terms of career planning and other support services. They may also fail to take their classes and coursework seriously because they too ascribe to the misconception that community colleges offer a lower quality of education.

Do employers care if you went to community college?

Employers care more that you’re qualified than they do about where you were qualified. While a prestigious institution can stand out on a resume, community college prepares you just as well to perform a job in your area of study.

Are there any 4-year community colleges?

While the number of community colleges offering bachelor’s degrees has increased, they are still fairly rare when compared to traditional schools. As mentioned above, 22 states allow community colleges to offer 4-year programs, but this number is less than half of all states in the country.

Why is community college smart?

Community colleges offer significantly lower tuition, smaller classes and strong student support. Students then transfer to a 4-year college or university for the final two years of their bachelor’s degree. … In addition, students take some foundation courses to prepare for their major.

Can you get a bachelor’s degree in 3 years?

Undergraduates who earn a bachelor’s degree in three years can save significantly on college costs. Nov. … Use AP Credits to Graduate From College in 3 Years. ] Students should know that a three-year college degree is possible but may require some extra work.

Should I go to community college?

On balance, going to a community college can have more benefits than drawbacks. It provides more flexibility, is much less expensive, and allows you to stay closer to home. If you do your research, you can find courses that transfer to your desired 4-year college in order to obtain your bachelor’s degree.

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Why universities are better than community colleges?

There are many reasons, but one seems to be that for-profits are more responsive to students’ needs and desires than community colleges. They appear to offer more flexible scheduling, better focused training and superior student services. They can charge more in part because they provide a better service.