Question: How much are dorms at Ohio State University?

How much does a dorm cost at OSU?

In 2020, students at OSU paid $5,096 for housing and $4,010 for the meal plan.

OSU Living Expenses.

Expense On Campus Off Campus
Room and Board $9,340 $9,340
— Housing $5,096
— Meals $4,010
Other Living Expenses $4,740 $4,740

Does Ohio State University have dorms?

Ohio State’s residence halls offer a variety of room styles and living arrangements. We take great care in housing placements, then take great care in making sure every resident is set up for success.

What comes in Ohio State dorms?

All regular residence halls are outfitted with the following:

  • Beds.
  • Desk.
  • Desk chair.
  • Window covering.
  • Trash can.
  • Closet/Wardrobe unit.
  • Refrigerator/Microwave unit with ice cube tray.
  • Cable/Internet connection and service.

Can I get a single dorm at Ohio State?

Ohio State’s main campus has 42 residence halls, and each building offers different types of rooms for students, according to University Housing’s website. Living accommodations range from singles, doubles and triples to quads and suites for six to eight people.

What are the nicest dorms at Ohio State?

Top 10 Dorms at Ohio State University

  • Archer House. …
  • Bowen House. …
  • Blackburn House. …
  • Smith-Steeb Hall. …
  • Scott House. …
  • Barrett House. …
  • Drackett Tower. …
  • Halloran House.
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Are Ohio State University dorms open?

Taylor Tower closes for summer term at 12 p.m. Dining service ends at 5 p.m. Dining contracts end at 5 p.m. Dining services ends for autumn semester at 5 p.m.

Spring Semester 2022**Subject to change**

18 Last day for spring semester refunds
19 Residence halls reopen at 12:00 p.m. for early arrival

Do you have to live on campus your freshman year?

Freshmen are not required to live on campus, but most do. With the exception of the Corps of Cadets, students are not required to live on campus. All incoming freshmen who choose to live on campus are guaranteed housing for the fall quarter, but they are not required to do so.