Is Illinois College a party school?

What is Illinois College known for?

Illinois College, the first college in the state to conduct classes and grant a baccalaureate degree, sustains a 180-year heritage of excellence in the liberal arts.

Is Illinois State a big party school?

However, Illinois State is a university with a large, diverse population of students. Not everyone goes out to parties, and there are many events for those who want something other than the party scene.

Is University of Illinois a fun school?

Her research came from studying Princeton Review’s college rankings, the publication that ranked UIUC as the number one party school last year. “Based on our results, the typical ‘fun’ school is a large public university with a strong Greek system and competitive athletics,” Martin wrote.

Is Uchicago a dry campus?

The University prohibits all students and employees from the unlawful manufacture, possession, use, distribution, sale, or purchase of alcohol and other drugs on University premises or as part of any University activity, and from working under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.

Is Ole Miss a party school?

— Ole Miss is regularly ranked among the top party schools in the U-S.

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