Is college drinking a problem?

Is it OK not to drink in college?

It is important to remember that not only is being sober in college totally normal, but it is actually beneficial as well. Most students who opt not to drink find that their social and academic lives both improve. However, the vast majority of people who enjoy their sobriety do so as part of a recovery program.

How much drinking is normal in college?

Female students tend to consume 4 drinks per week versus male students, who drink more than double the amount at 9 drinks a week. Persons become at-risk drinkers, or those most likely to become alcoholic, when the number of drinks per week climb.

Why do college students drink so much?

College students are more likely to binge drink for several reasons. These factors include a wide availability of alcohol on campus, increased social pressure to drink, and academic-related stress. Students who join fraternities or sororities are more likely to drink alcohol and binge drink compared with their peers.

What percentage of college students drink alcohol?

Research shows that more than 80 percent of college students drink alcohol, and almost half report binge drinking in the past 2 weeks. Virtually all college students experience the effects of college drinking—whether they drink or not.

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Do people stop drinking after college?

72% of people have a period of heavy drinking in their life which usually lasts 3-4 years, peaks from age 18-24, and overlaps with college. Most people “grow out” of this period of heavy drinking by changing their habits and drinking far less. … Binge drinking doesn’t automatically stop when you get a diploma.

How can I survive college without drinking?

12 Tips to Help You Stay Drug-Free and Sober in College

  1. Make Friends With Like-Minded People. …
  2. Be Comfortable Saying No. …
  3. Join Sober Groups on Campus. …
  4. Set Goals and Work to Achieve Them. …
  5. Stay Busy. …
  6. Choose an Alcohol/Drug-Free Campus. …
  7. Choose to Live off Campus or Live at Home. …
  8. Have Alcohol-Free Dates.

What college drinks the most?

College Towns with the Most Alcohol Consumption

  • Chico and California State University, Chico.
  • Boulder and the University of Colorado.
  • Billings and Montana State University Billings.
  • Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Fargo and North Dakota State University.

Do freshmen in college drink?

On average, freshmen and sophomores consume around 14 drinks per week, juniors bridge the gap at 17, while seniors and graduate students consume a whopping 19 drinks per week. The data confirms what we’ve suspected all along – college turns you into an alcoholic. It makes sense when you think about it.

At what age does binge drinking peak?

Results showed that the age at which binge drinking is most prevalent has increased over time (from age 20 to 22 for women, 21 to 23 for men).

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How much drinking is too much in college?

Alcohol Abuse in College

Binge drinking is a dangerous practice defined by consuming more than 4-to-5 drinks in less than two hours.

What is the #1 reason why college student drink?

Although peer influence, alcohol accessibility, and pressure to be accepted all affect students’ alcohol use (Hanson, 1974), early research with reasons for drinking, or drinking motives, found two main reasons why college students drink: social purposes and emotional escape or relief (Brennan et al., 1986).