How much storage does a medical student need?

Is 128GB enough for medical student?

128 GB on an iPad is MORE than enough for notes, lectures, books, etc. And if you ever need more space, offload to iCloud, DropBox or Box.

Is 256 GB enough for medical school?

Full Member. You don’t really need 256 unless you plan on using it for other non med school stuff. Most lectures ppts/pdfs are only a few mbs each. I have a laptop filled with a year of pdfs and still have tons of space.

Is 8gb enough for med school?

Full Member. 8 GB RAM is more than enough, assuming, as you pointed out already, that you’re not into heavy video-editing or anything. I suspect as a medical student, your most-frequently used applications will be Chrome and Microsoft Word/PowerPoint.

Is 64GB enough for iPad medical student?

Unless you’re storing a bunch of videos on your ipad, 64 should be fine.

Is 64GB enough for a student laptop?

Is 64GB enough for a student laptop? For today’s recommendations , 64GB of RAM is good, but going with higher is pretty good too!. The higher means the better and the faster ,but please make sure you have read the system requirements of each software you want to use.

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Is 64GB enough for notes?

64GB will most certainly work with your workflow.

Is a MacBook good for med school?

The Apple MacBook Air makes the top of our list of the best laptops for medical school. … The Apple MacBook Air meets the general requirements that medical schools have on equipment. It has an Intel Core i5 Dual Core processor, meaning it’s got the power needed to download software quickly without crashing.

Is 128GB enough for a student?

For SSD size, 128GB is usually enough. But now that 256GB is getting more affordable, gauge how much storage space you’ll take up and consider storing large files like movies and such on flash drives or external hard drives.

Is 128GB enough for a tablet?

128GB: for the collectors

Then 128GB is more than enough for you. You can save about 1280 to 5000 apps. With 128GB, you won’t run out of space any time soon. This storage capacity is available on the iPad Mini and iPad 2019.