How many majors does University of Tampa offer?

What is the most popular major at University of Tampa?

Most Popular Majors

  • Finance. 138 Graduates.
  • Business. 127 Graduates.
  • Marketing. 118 Graduates.
  • International Business. 102 Graduates.
  • Criminology. 99 Graduates.
  • 88 Graduates.
  • 81 Graduates.
  • Public Relations. 78 Graduates.

What is the University of Tampa best known for?

Known for academic excellence, personal attention and real-world experience in its undergraduate and graduate programs, University of Tampa students come from 50 states and 130 countries. There are over 200 programs of study, including 19 master’s degree programs, one doctorate and numerous study abroad opportunities.

How many majors are there in University?

With over 125 majors to choose from, our undergraduates can easily find areas of study that align with their interests, academic skills and personal goals. Whether you land on something new or familiar, you’re sure to be excited by the many ways your future can begin to take shape.

Is Tampa a party school?

University of Tampa could definitely be considered a party school. There are many clubs around campus and fraternities throw weekly parties. See a glimpse into a typical night out with Lily and her roommate, Maya.

What is University of Tampa known for academically?

Three UT programs were recognized by PLEXUSS: The Student Opportunity Network in its 2021 PLEXUSS Global Rankings. Specifically, UT was ranked No. 1 in Florida in three categories: forensic science programs, computer forensics programs, and network and system administration programs.

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Is University of Tampa Worth the money?

Within Florida, UT Offers Good Quality for a High Price.

The University of Tampa is ranked #21 out of #62 in Florida for quality and #31 out of #43 for Florida value. This makes it a good quality, but overpriced in the state. … You may qualify for a reduced price. Check the UT financial aid page to be sure.

Is University of Tampa for rich kids?

The University of Tampa

The median family income of a student from University of Tampa is $118,300, and 54% come from the top 20 percent. About 2.6% of students at University of Tampa came from a poor family but became a rich adult.

How hard is it to get into University of Tampa?

How hard is it to get into UT and can I get accepted? The school has a 45% acceptance rate ranking it #12 in Florida for lowest rate of acceptance. Last year, 10,940 out of 24,448 applicants were admitted making UT a more competitive school to get into with a good chance of acceptance for qualifying applicants.