How long does it take to get students on Vipkid?

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How long does it take to start getting bookings on VIPKID?

Teach trial classes.

In your first weeks, VIPKid will generally try to book you for a lot of trials. Most teachers say this drops off after 4-6 weeks, but by opening those PPT slots they can continue to use trials to book some extra sessions.

What percentage of applicants get VIPKID?

Only 6% of all applicants get hired every month. This is because a lot of applicants get stuck in the process and many others fail along the way. That being said, getting hired by VIPKID is not an impossible task. There are currently over 60,000 teachers, including myself, who have passed the interview process.

Why am I not getting booked on VIPKID?

tip 1 for vipkid no bookings: work peak times

I opened up peak, peak times because I know that’s when most students take classes. While it’s 5:30 am for me, it is 7:30 pm in China. The majority of students take classes around dinner time. … The most obvious tip for VIPKID no bookings is to open peak times.

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Is it easy to get students on VIPKID?

I won’t lie to you, getting students to sign up for your classes might not be easy but it will be worth it. Once you have a steady stream of students coming in, you’ll be able to book students whenever VIPKID hours are available.

Can you get fired from VIPKID?

VIPKID has a 6-cancellation limit. That means if you are not granted “soft” or “medium” cancellations, and you tally up to 6 total you will be at risk for termination.

How much do Chinese parents pay for VIPKID?

How much do Chinese parents pay for VIPKid? Chinese students pay what amounts to $49 to $80 an hour for the classes, significantly above the $12 to $20 tutor wages. VIPKid is valued at over $3 billion, according to a Forbes report in March, and has well-known investors like Kobe Bryant.

Is working for VIPKID worth it?

So, is VIPKid really worth it? There was very little negative feedback from the VIPKid teachers we spoke with. The overall consensus was they like being in control of their schedule, the extra money is really nice, and for the most part, it is very low stress.

Is it hard to get VIPKid bookings?

VIPKid itself says it may take a few weeks to get booked, especially since they have so much to process and review for your profile. They are reviewing your photos, video, translating your bio, etc. Do not worry if you are a week in with no bookings! That is totally normal.

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Can you teach VIPKid at night?

When can I teach an overnight? Technically you can teach an overnight any day of the week if you can get booked for it! Typically this means the weekends, but you are more likely to be successful during weekdays if you teach very young students who aren’t in school yet.

How do I get more VIPKid bookings?

How To Get VIPKID Bookings

  1. Complete your VIPKID Profile. Your VIPKID teacher profile is the first thing parents will see. …
  2. Open Slots During Peak Times and Peak Peak Times. …
  3. Open VIPKID Classes On The Weekends. …
  4. Use The Short Notice Feature. …
  5. Open Your Schedule 3-4 Weeks Out. …
  6. After Teaching A Student, Send Them An E-card.