How long does a college football game last on average?

How long does a college football game typically last?

In 2016, the average FBS college football game lasted 3 hours and 24 minutes. The average 2016 college football game (3 hours 24 minutes) was 17 minutes longer than the average 2016 NFL game (3 hours 7 minutes).

How long does the first half of a football game usually last?

The first half of a game, which consists of two quarters is 30 minutes long. Half-time for football games last about 12 minutes before the two teams return to the field and play two more quarters.

How long is an NFL game in real time?

An average professional football game lasts 3 hours and 12 minutes, but if you tally up the time when the ball is actually in play, the action amounts to a mere 11 minutes.

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