Frequent question: What is Colorado College known for?

What is special about Colorado College?

The best thing about CC is the location and the students it attracts. They are very laid back and open minded. Also the learning style is very different from most colleges sign the school is on the block plan which a lot of students like. The availability of financial aid and study abroad opportunities.

Is Colorado College a party school?

CC is a fairly big party school and it is hard to find stuff to do on the weekends outside of that but the administration is trying to crack down on that as well.

Is Colorado College a prestigious school?

A lot of people think this is a community college when they hear the name but really it’s fairly prestigious and difficult. Colorado Springs isn’t so great but the outdoors nearby are excellent. Residential life is the college’s biggest downfall.

Is it hard to get into Colorado College?

Admissions Overview

Colorado College admissions is extremely selective with an acceptance rate of 14%. The regular admissions application deadline for Colorado College is January 15. Interested students can apply for early action and early decision.

Is Colorado College a dry campus?

Residential Facilities

Open containers of alcohol are prohibited in all common areas of student residential buildings and surrounding outside areas, with the exception of registered campus functions. … Drinking games and the behaviors that they encourage are prohibited at Colorado College.

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Is CU better than DU?

Chandigarh University is better than DU and LPU because it provides quality education to its students with the help of learned and highly experienced faculty members and excellent infrastructure. The University has been awarded A+ grade by NAAC. … This in turn helps the students of this University to get good placements.

Does Colorado have good colleges?

The state is known for its large research universities, which host notable engineering and applied sciences degree programs, but many midsize and small schools are also located throughout the state. To unlock full rankings, SAT/ACT scores and more, sign up for the U.S. News College Compass!