Does University of Southern California have an honors college?

Does USC have an honors college?

Becoming a student in the South Carolina Honors College at the University of South Carolina opens up a world of opportunity — from top-tier medical schools, law schools and graduate programs to leadership positions in business, government, academia and beyond.

How hard is it to get into USC Honors College?

Average class size for honors college classes is only 16, so students there also get more one-on-one interaction. The acceptance rate to the University of South Carolina is roughly 67%, with an estimated SAT midrange of 1180 to 1370 and an estimated ACT midrange of 25 to 31.

Is USC Honors College good?

For the fifth straight time, the University of South Carolina received the highest rating among public school honors programs. The rating is from the publication, Inside Honors 2020-2021: Ratings and Reviews of 40 Public University Honors Programs.

What is honors Program USC?

This program is designed to give outstanding students an opportunity to pursue advanced research training and sharpen their analytical skills in preparation for graduate work in the social sciences or professional schools.

How do you get honors at USC?

To be eligible for undergraduate honors at graduation, a minimum overall grade point average of 3.5 for cum laude, 3.7 for magna cum laude and 3.9 for summa cum laude is required. Students must meet these averages, for both USC coursework and on combined transferred and USC coursework.

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How many people are in USC Honors College?

We have a large and talented Honors staff of about 40 people serving a relatively small Honors College of around 2300.

Are honors college classes harder?

No, Honors courses aren’t graded harder (or any easier!) than other college courses. A student who averages a 3.6 in regular courses will probably have a 3.6 GPA for Honors courses too.

What is unique about the South Carolina Honors College?

Our curriculum is amazing, with between 550 to 600 honors classes each year, composed of both honors versions of standard and required courses, and unique courses that satisfy various requirements but are not part of the standard curriculum.