Does Emory University allow pets?

Are dogs allowed on Emory campus?

Because of restrictions governing university insurance policies, concerns for the integrity of research projects, and interest in the welfare of faculty, students, staff, and visitors, it is the policy of Emory University that animals are not permitted in university buildings, including university library buildings.

Does Emory require freshmen to live on campus?

First- and second-year undergraduate students are required to live on campus in residence halls. … Emory does not provide housing for graduate or professional students or for international scholars, but you have a number of options off campus.

What can you not bring to Emory?

What to Bring and What Not to Bring

  • school supplies.
  • backpack/bag.
  • bedding, sheets, pillows, blankets. …
  • bath towels, soaps, robe, shower shoes, shower caddy.
  • personal hygiene items.
  • hair dryer.
  • extra contact lenses or glasses.

Does Emory allow emotional support animals?

Emory & Henry welcomes emotional support animals (ESA’s) into its residential facilities as a housing accommodation for students with documented mental health disabilities. … ESA’s are only permitted following an application and approval by the ESA Committee.

What is the best dorm at Emory?

Top 10 Dorm Options at Emory University

  • Raoul Hall. …
  • Few and Evans Hall. …
  • Dobbs Hall. …
  • Woodruff Hall. …
  • Harris Hall. …
  • The Complex- Hopkins Hall, Thomas Hall, and Smith Hall. …
  • Longstreet Means. …
  • Alabama Hall. Especially for freshmen, this hall has large double and triple rooms located in the center of campus.
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Does Emory do random roommates?

The majority of incoming students choose to be randomly assigned a roommate based on living and housing preferences. You do not have to request a specific roommate to receive housing, our system will match you with a roommate based on your application preferences if you do not request someone.

Does Emory allow microwaves?

Here is a list of items (with sustainable options) that on-campus residents often find helpful. This is NOT a list of required items, nor does it represent everything you might want or need. Microwaves are prohibited unless they are a microwave-refrigerator (Microfridge) combination.

What is a MicroFridge college?

When a college or university contracts with MicroFridge® for the One In Every Room program, MicroFridge® delivers, installs and provides maintenance for each appliance in all standard residence hall rooms. The school provides annual inventory counts, insures the units, and cleans them periodically.